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Re: Vegan and Vegetarian mamas enter here...

I've been vegan for over 10 years but started having a little meat and dairy (just cheese) into my diet after becoming pregnant. Little meaning a slice of cheese here and there and some turkey for Thanksgiving. Now that our DD is here I'm going back to vegan but I do eat honey. For me it's not so much the philosophy about not eating animal products as it is about eating healthy so your body can best utilize nutrients. I grew up with food combining and then adopted the vegan/vegetarian title just because it was a lot easier to explain to people.
When I married my DH, his parents were a little upset that I was vegetarian since they are ranchers and love their meat. They asked him if he thought he could persuade me to give it up. DH is really supportive and he actually doesn't eat a ton of meat himself. We will have a barbecue with hamburger and veggie patties during the summer and he eats meat at restaurants but it hasn't been a source of conflict at all. My in-laws have also been pretty accepting . . . though I still think they frown on any dietary restrictions.
I was once told that if I didn't eat meat my brain would shrink. LOL. I think it's funny the misconceptions that go around. But really I look up to people who eat vegan/vegetarian or any other sort of consistent diet for whatever reason.
Happy to find this thread! We had vegan meatballs for dinner last night
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