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Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
We're good to go.. for the most part. Everything has been purchased. Baby gear is all set up and in it's place. Diaper bag is packed. All clothes are washed and put away. Breast pump parts, storage bottles, and baby bottles are all sanitized, washed, and put away.

All that we need is a bigger vehicle. Haha, and I say, "all" like it isn't a big deal. We currently have a Chrysler T&C mini van.. but it only seats 7. :/ Dh has an extended cab pickup... so until we find something that seats 8, we will just have to take seperate vehicles.. which sucks. I enjoy our family outings, especially the ride there & back. I originally wanted a Chevy Traverse or GMC Acadia.. but after test driving them both, while they are big, I still don't think they're big enough for a family of 8 with all kids being in car seats or booster seats. So now we're considering a Toyotta Sienna. Still exploring our options and waiting on the right deal. Hopefully we will make an actual purchase soon.....
How do you like your T &C? We found a 2010 with 27000 miles we are gonna look at today. It is crazy clean.

I still have a few things to pack and wash and we will be ready. Other than.... the car seat that doesn't fit my car. We are looking at bigger vehicles today or buying new seat. Either way, car is too small for another seat. The diono radian we have fits perfect forward facing but 2? It's looking rough for anything RF.
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