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Re: Breast milk for pink eye?

Originally Posted by Ellasundies View Post
I've tried it several times for several different people and it hasn't worked yet. In fact in two of us the infection got very very bad. I would never rely on it without having backup antibiotics at home. Pink eye can get bad fast and I wouldn't want to rely solely on the BM, find it didn't work and then have to wait to get into a Dr or clinic.
I get what you're saying. As I said, the article I read said that in a study done at a hospital with infants, that the breast milk cleared up the infections that were bacterial, but not the viral ones.

The issue is that we have one car and DH goes to school and work. So if I can do something at home without having to jump through hoops to get to the doctor, or DH having to miss school or work, I try those first.

After just 2 doses of BM in each eye, it's already looking a lot better. Not as much eye goop and the pinkness is very reduced from what it was yesterday. While I do like to try home remedies first for a lot of things, I don't hesitate to go to the doctor of the homeopathic stuff doesn't show improvement quickly.

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