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Re: Breast milk for pink eye?

Originally Posted by lizgrace07 View Post
I have not tried that myself because I did not have any available last time we had pink eye go through the house. I'd try it though!

Another over the counter idea- grapefruit seed extract. In January we had a bacterial pink eye plague in this house. It was awful. I treated it with antibiotics as directed, I sanitized everything possible frequently, changed bedding daily, was fanatic about washing hands and not touching faces, etc. No matter, it just kept going back and forth from one person to another. It was so so frustrating! Someone suggested I try grapefruit seed extract. I was desperate so I tried it and it worked! We all took the recommended amount of drops dissolved in apple juice daily (even those w/o symptoms because I was trying to stop the spread) and the pink eye was gone from our house in a day or two. (As a side note, my 4yo also had an infected cavity at the time and the grapefruit seed extract totally got rid of that infection too which antibiotics had not helped. I converted the dentist to grapefruit seed extract. ) It might be worth a shot if the breastmilk does not work.

Thanks! I'll pick some up on pay day! I appreciate the suggestion!

God bless!
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