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Re: If you left spacing up to god (or chance)...

Originally Posted by mmeneely
It has nothing to do with God and everything to do with either planning it or doing 'it' without knowing you were ovulating or using protection.
I have NO idea how people have pleasant surprises - your discharge is clear and stretchy when you are ovulating. It is for everyone and you can feel it when you wipe so even if you weren't looking for signs, you would clearly notice.
Yep, once I got into my mid/late twenties I didn't have EWCM anymore. I will get it while nursing and NOT fertile, but once I actually start ovulating again I don't have any except right before my period. Also, without temping it can seem like I am fertile but then I delay ovulation and ovulate later etc.

And as others stated, most women do not know about fertility signs. I was taught growing up that CM was called "discharge" and just happened. I had no idea why I had it or that there was any method, rhyme, or reason to it regarding fertility. Sad.

With all due respect, I think you are a little naive about the subject yourself.
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