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Re: Do you limit food intake?

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
Do you always do lunchables? Those are really high in sodium. Maybe you could make your own? I would also replace some of the sugar and carbs. Veggies instead of fruit snacks, something to replace the cracker item since you probably already have crackers in the lunchable. For breakfast maybe limit the cereal to one bowl and add a piece of fruit? If you're worried I would just do unlimited veggie and fruits, no seconds on anything starchy/carbs. I would up the protein too.
I do a homemade "lunchable" here using a sandwich tupperware and silicone muffin liners. I put veggies, fruit, cheese cubes, cooked chicken, dried fruit, seeds, kielbasa, etc... in the muffin liners My kids still eye the lunchables in the grocery store, but at least they have a fun and easy to eat lunch.

I find the key to getting them to eat more at lunch at school is to have it ready to eat and small bits, vs a big item, so this fits the bill.
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