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Re: Babies and chiropractors - questions

I took our middle child at about 7 days of age, Give or take a day. I had never seen an adjustment so was shocked when the dr. Did the adjustment. If I hadn't seen results I don't think I would have gone back. I did, however, see immediate results. I had taken him because I couldn't get him to nurse or even take more than an ounce or two at a time even with a syringe. He would cry at first. Then after a few days he stopped crying and I couldn't wake him up. I was firmly convinced we were going to leave the chiropractors and go straight to the hospital. Before leaving the office my lethargic baby woke up and demanded food. He nursed for a full hour without any effort on my part to keep him awake. I had timed him at only 30-60 seconds earlier. Then I would have to work to keep him awake and feeding. His feedings continued going well. The chiropractor did want us back a couple more times to make sure the adjustment was holding. We didn't see any more dramatic differences but then didn't expect to as he was doing great.

My mother was going to pay as my husband was earning minimum wage and I wasn't working. When I asked the chiropractor what the fee was I was told it was free. The next two visits were also free. He didn't charge for children under 2.

Prior to that first visit I was on the fence concerning chiropractors. Now I am a firm believer.

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