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Re: Gay or Lesbian Family?

Originally Posted by imeganation View Post
Hi there,

I'm a single lesbian mom of a 7 week old from a previous relationship, will eventually be seeking a lesbian partner (right now dating is not exactly top priority.. who would I guess qualify as an "instamom" (I'm new to this lingo). I am interested in your experiences, how bonding and the sharing of parenting responsibilities goes for you.. if you care to share on forum or in a private message?
Hi! Welcome!
My partner and I have a beautiful 2 year old son who we conceived via donor sperm and we are currently TTC #2 As far as experiences go, it has been amazing. I carried him and plan to carry the next one, as my partner has no interest in being pregnant while I, on the other hand would have 10 if I could afford it, I adore being pregnant!

The whole experience has been great. She had no trouble bonding with him since she was there from before birth. He is extremely well adjusted and happy. She legally adopted him so we both have identical parental rights.

A lot of our friends joke that they are jealous because we parent pretty much 50/50, where many of our straight friends (mostly the wives) complain that their husbands dont do enough or they get stuck doing a lot of the discipline or not so fun stuff. We Really do it all equally, right down to us both doing his bath and getting him ready for bed... story time, etc.

Right now, I really wish we had more gay friends who have children... most of our friends overall live far away from us now, and we have no gay or lesbian friends nearby anymore, and none with children. We live near our family but really miss having friends around us with similar life styles

PM me anytime if you want to chat more or have questions about anything! Congrats on your new baby!
~Cristina - wife to my best friend R , and Mommy to Eli and Nora, our Rainbow baby!!

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