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For my DD, I think she cost $20-25/visit and we started her as an infant. We didn't go through insurance for her even though the chiro accepted it. Some chiros ultimately charge you the same out of pocket whether you use insurance or not.

We have no control or baseline to compare, but we are confident that visiting the chiro regularly has been positive for her health and mood. She's 19 months now and loves going for an adjustment. She wasn't colicky, she nursed well, probably a better sleeper than average, has only had one fever/ it the work of chiro? I don't know, but the adjustments didn't hurt her either.

Since we moved, we pay $175/month for the chiro to see myself, DH and DD as needed. Lately it's been once a week so that breaks down to about $15/person/adjustment. We did have a pricey initial evaluation with both chiros. We do not use our insurance for the current one.

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