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Re: Food for thought: Food Labels i.e. trans fats

Originally Posted by ljeanbeans View Post
hydrogenated fats are fats artificially infused with extra hydrogen molecules that our bodies my professor says our bodies then identify as free radicalsd
Yep. When broken down they only do nothing but raise your LDL and triglycerides. It should be avoided like the plague with so many negative consequences aside from plaque buildup in arteries.

The problem with these nutrition labels too is that FDA gives manufacturers an error rate of 120% for fats, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, etc. If the foods were tested in a lab to have 18g of fat for example, in theory they can slap a label of 15g ((18/15)*100) which is 3g difference but still be in compliance. That's 24 calories in fat that's unaccounted for. It may not seem like much but all those missing calories do eventually add up when we're talking something that can have negative effect on the body.

There just isn't a way for consumers to really know what's in the ingredients other than sticking to foods that are whole or basically producing your own. It's very disturbing.

Now 'corn sugar' is used instead of high fructose corn syrup. The misleading label like "Made with natural ingredients" but still contain enough artificial ingredients because they know people will just put a lot of faith in the cover of the product; not the actual label.
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