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I HATE when I want something that doesn't exist!

DD has a RAW butt. Fine when she went to bed, screaming in pain when she woke up. I'm not worried about it, but it got me thinking...

I want a disposable fitted! Like a gdiaper disposable insert that can be fastened. Or like a regular sposie but without the plastic on the outside.

When LO's get a bad rash, I keep them naked as much as possible. But I do have to put them in something sometimes. When I do, I SLATHER the butt paste on. I usually opt to use disposable inserts in a flip cover as DD is sensitive to fleece and I don't even want to ruin my wipes/tshirts etc to make liners and the flushie liners are just too rough on an already sensitive bum.

Anyways... So I use a disposable insert but then I need to put a non breathable cover on. It would be awesome if I could put wool over it so she could still breath.

Also, I like to use sposie inserts when we are dealing with yeast etc because I want to make sure she's not getting reinfected by the diapers. Again, another time I'd love to use a sposie fitted with wool.
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