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Re: Thinking of using cloth pads, where do I start?

There are a number of active threads on this topic with pad recommendations. I also started with heavy night pads b/c (having not come upon this forum yet and working from a blind position) I doubted that cloth pads would work that well. As a result I bought way too many super absorbency pads--some of which I've managed to sell in FSOT and some of which are for sale or will be for sale there, btw.

Anyhow, my favorite all around topper is bamboo velour with no PUL and with a fleece backing. Aesthetically, I prefer when the bamboo velour is swirly versus a solid color. One longstanding brand that carries this is Go with the Flo. If you only want to get a couple of pads at a time, I think her shaped series is a good starting point. The added floppiness of the graduated absorbency levels within the pad (heavier in the center and thin at the edges) makes it an easier fit for a wider array of bodies.

When rounding out my collection, I wanted very much to buy more and more bamboo velour lushness. But I found myself repeatedly returning as well to Party in my Pants for their flannel topped pads. Party in my Pants is just about paper thin (thinner than my old ultra thin sposies yet works), so it's really nice knowing I have options for clothes where pads will show.

Although most of her cuts don't fit me (and are really pricey), I'm very fond of my XL Ultra from New Moon for sleep as well as my 10" elemental (pantyliner) from her. It's just so cushy and thirsty and perfectly crafted. I have another XL that is not "Ultra" that I haven't worn yet--haven't decided if I need to keep--and a XXL Ultra for sale in FSOT below that is simply much too big for me.

I do not like cotton tops except for very light flows. I'm not finding myself fond of minky either (I personally find it wet and cold, but I *do* recommend Pampered Mama's cuts if you find you like minky).

I've tried several other brands but have had some reservations about each. I think you will find that the desired topper and width and length and shape are all quite individual to your body and that there will (unless you are very lucky) be some trial and error involved. If you told us what size, style, and brand of sposie you presently use, that might help someone give you more pointed recommendations.
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