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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

We don't do a ton, either, but my kids get enough. We go to church twice on Sundays, AWANA/youth group on Wednesday, they help at Friday lunch, and now bowling. Those are the regulars. We do other things, of course. A couple weeks ago we went to a special story time at one of the local museums. They play with their cousins when we go up there. They play with each other. I encourage them to do their own ordering when we go out to eat. They talk to cashiers when we shop. There are a lot of aspects to socialization that people don't think about.

And really, I went to 8 public school growing up, in 3 different states, and there were kids that didn't really know how to function, despite being in school and "socializing".

Now, AFU, school seems to be going rather slow today for the little one. She's got a terrible attitude today. They older two seem to be okay, thankfully. We are going to try and start doing something with a few other homeschool families in the area. One of the other kids mentioned to his mom he'd like to do something like that, and she mentioned it to me, so we'll see where it goes. Sometimes it's so difficult, as everyone has different schedules.
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