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Originally Posted by Fishie Kisses View Post
My oldest (5) eats SO MUCH. 3-4 helpings at dinner. I make very healthy, well-rounded meals, but I still wonder if I should be limiting how much he eats. I certainly don't want him to be hungry. He has breakfast (usually 2 bowls of whole grain cereal...nothing sugary), a snack at school (actual item varies, but I trust her), a lunch that we pack (lunchable--that's his treat, apple or applesauce, fruit snacks, juice, a cracker item (teddy grahams, animal crackers)), then a snack at home (varies, but usually fruit) and dinner. I always use cauliflower or sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, limit pastas, etc. Is it "safe" to let him eat til he's full??
I haven't read all the posts so maybe this has already been addressed. But you said he's allergic to soy and corn...Teddy Graham's have soy and animal crackers almost definitely have corn if not soy as well. If he's routinely eating foods that he can't tolerate that could be causing him to be super hungry. I'm allergic to corn and when I'm eating corn products I have to eat every two hours and I'm starving in between. When I quit corn I can go 4+ hours between meals. Im wondering if there is anything else he's eating that contain corn or soy....they are in everything. Corn ingredients can be disguised with allI kinds of different names so it can be hard to spot.

Also, I reread what he eats daily and it sounds pretty high in sugar (juice, fruit snacks, animal crackers, fruit). As someone who tends toward low blood sugar, eating sugary things (even fruit) causes me to need more food, since my blood sugar will spike and crash leading to extreme hunger. I would try replacing some of the sugary stuff with whole grains or.protein.
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