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Re: Homeschool Check In Feb. 1st--10th

Tallanvor - I agree. There is a lot more to socialization and I know a lot of people who went to school who lack social skills. Take me for example, I strongly dislike calling to order pizza or other food over the phone. I'm scared of the people on the other line. (Seriously, I really don't like calling, but I will if I have to and I'm not actually scared. )

I envy those of you who have chickens. I really want some. We couldn't have them where we are, but I hope to move someday to where we can. However, we did incubate 7 turtle eggs. They all hatched and we raised 7 baby turtles. We have given two away and are trying to get rid of at least 4 more, maybe all 5 since my son isn't doing a great job taking care of them.

And, for school today....we didn't do much. We really struggle to get back into it when we take a break for a few days. Zack read to me and we started reading eggs. That is it. Well, we did PE too! I did 30 Day Shred and the older kids did the whole thing with me, the best they could anyway. We try to go to the gym as a family every night (oh! More socialization!!), but my kids are often sick or something happens and we can't. So, I need to start doing something at home. I have to get rid of this weight. *sigh*

Tomorrow, I plan to do a full day! Say a prayer for me that we can do it.
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