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Re: Tearing & DTD?

It's been a while since there was any activity on this, but I wanted to chime in just in case it helped someone. I had a third degree tear (doctor almost called it a fourth.) DS was also in the NICU so I was way more active after labor than the normal post pardum mom (walking to and from nicu), so I don't think that helped at all. Anyway, since I was a first timer, I didn't know it wasn't normal to have such terrible pain. Anyway, my OB did some tweaking at the 6 week appointment and told me to hold off on intercourse until 12 weeks. We held off, but it was still not possible..literally excruciating and DH couldn't even get inside without me screaming in pain. I was embarrassed and didn't say anything to my OB until my regular annual, which happened around 6ish months post pardum. She ended up giving me the estrogen cream and suggested getting a variety pack of tampons and to start with the smallest and when I was comfortable with that, to move up and so on. Did that, worked all the way up to super, but it was quite the jump from super to DH, and it was still excruciating pain.

The next step was to send me to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Yes, they have PT for THAT! While it was humiliating to have someone massaging the INSIDE wall of my vagina, it really helped in making the really ropey scar more smooth. They also used ultrasound to help make the scar more pliable. Another thing they recommended, which was along the same lines as the tampon idea, were vaginal dialators (You can get them online so you can have them delivered right to your door), which are basically medical dildos...different sizes that can help you work up to things...and certainly larger than a tampon. I went twice a week for the inner massage / ultrasound and was supposed to use the dialators at home as my "homework."

At about 10-11 months post pardum, intercourse was tolerable, but certainly not free from pain. I'm at about 16 months post pardum and pregnant again (due in May), so obviously we have made it work, but it's still a little painful upon entry. I'm worried about delivering my current little bean, but this thread has me hopeful that it might actually help. Because of what I went through, I have the option of electing for a C-Section, but I'm just not sure...if this is how my body heals, major surgery won't exactly be much better, and I've certainly heard bad c-section stories as well.
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