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Child interest is the most help. Maybe talk it up to try to increase interest. My oldest would NOT until his dr. told him he had to at his 4 yr visit. Then it still took another 9 months to be 100% day trained. My 2nd and 3rd were 3 and some. My 4th and 6th were talked to about going potty (how much a big kid it made them) and I followed their lead. #4 was trained by 2 yr 9mo. #6 is only 18 months but goes at least 3-4x a day. I skipped #5 cause he was different. He's my child with apraxia of speech and doesn't talk well even now but was able to let me know he wanted to go potty at 12 months. He was mostly trained by 18 months with developmental set backs here and there (aka accidents).
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