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Re: PLing question

My daughter is 28 months and not ready. We have tried 2 different times and if I wasn't about to have another baby, I would be trying again.

so, please do feel free to try. Give it the 3 days or week or whatever. If he just isn't ready, then put him back in diapers and try again later.

My daughter absolutely loves the potty. Loves sitting on it, loves talking about it, loves reading about it, loves watching her potty video and singing the potty song. She will tell me when she poops (most of the time). But, when we take off the diapers, she holds it and holds it and holds it and refuses to actually put anything in the potty (still loves to sit on it!) and then just makes massive messes wherever she happens to be standing at the time.

no harm in trying. As long as you are okay with going back to diapers if he's truly not ready.

I used to be of the opinion that all children would respond to the whole 'diapers are gone!' concept, but now that I have a child who does not and actually gets increasingly stubborn about not releasing into the potty, I think some kids are genuinely ready later.
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