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Re: Reading program for a 5 year old

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Kiliki - We use also. We even have a subscription. But, it seems like maybe we don't get that site. It seems that everything is open all at once. My kids don't go in any specific order. Also, because it allows you to always click on the word and hear it or gives you the option to listen to the books, my kids always do that. They don't try to sound anything out. My children LOVE to play on starfall, especially the math stuff and songs. They have learned things from it. But, it definitely isn't teaching them to read. Maybe I'm missing some aspect of it that makes it a systematic program or maybe it needs to be very guided by me.

That is what I like about the reading eggs program. Things aren't unlocked till you do the next lesson and it is a planned out program that requires the child to go in order and I don't have to guide that. It just happens. There are "rewards" for moving ahead on the path or program. I agree that it isn't very self-explanatory. I'm working on learning the site and then teaching it to them. But, I had to dig to find an intro video with info. I still don't understand the purpose of the "golden eggs." But, I haven't watched the whole video either.

Anyway, to us, Starfall is a game site (with educational games) but it seems like reading eggs is more of an actual program. Although, I do know starfall has a whole curriculum too.

Of course, this is only our 1st day using Reading Eggs. So, we'll see in the long run how it works out. I might be talking out of complete ignorance of that program.

We are using reading eggs as a supplement to the program that we are going to start when my new stuff comes in. (Waiting on my new MFW K 2nd edition manual "upgraded" from my 1st edition.) But, I think it can stand alone too for what OP is looking for.

OP - Nope. No referral bonus that I am aware of. I hope you like it or that you find something that works for you.
I agree it can be more of an "educational game" type site.

I like it for younger kids who are just starting with very basic concepts.

So a child who doesn't yet recognize letters, or their sounds.

They have worksheets to go with each computer activity, so what I've always done is printed out the worksheets, sat with them through the computer part (to make sure they apply themselves), then we sit and do the worksheet (my kids LOVE worksheets).

We've used it to supplement our reading/lang arts. I don't think it could be an entire program on it's own. Well, at least not IMO. It's just not intensive enough to me.

But for a child just starting out, I think it could be great if used with the parent. KWIM?

I have too many kids to sit and guide them now. So for us, at this point, it IS just an educational site. But, back when there were just 2 kids, close in age, we would sit together and navigate the site and sing the songs and do the worksheets, and learn about letters.

Maybe I'll take another look at Reading Eggs. We tried it quite a while ago. My kids might "Get" it now...

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