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Re: Breach babies?

Nope, like the PP said, not all chiros know/do the webster technique, but you can just call around and ask.
FTR, the first time we tried it, I felt like it was a very intense adjustment - I got very light-headed (while laying down still!) and nearly fainted. It was strange, but obviously something was happening in there - based both on how I felt then and how much baby moved and (tried to) turn that evening.

I definitely don't agree with their "it's decided by 36 weeks" way of thinking - many babies turn and flip around in there right up to EDD and even beyond!
Personally (and this is what we were hoping to do with DS2 when he was breech) if I was at EDD and baby was flipping a bunch or still breech, I would do what I could to get baby head down, and if we knew he was I'd go for an immediate induction. But only at 40 weeks, I wouldn't be doing it early just because.
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