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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by sunnygirlmomof6 View Post
That reminds me....I need ot call and see if our insurance will cover a new pump. I was told it might. Has anyone else had their insurance buy them a pump???
I personally haven't filed for it yet, but I have started the process. 2 of my friends received their pumps and had insurance pay!

You have to call your insurance company and verify if they cover manual AND electric or JUST manual. I've heard of some insurance companies only covering manual. Most likely, you will need to purchase and pay out of pocket through a durable medical supplier (unless the durable medical supplier will claim on insurance, but many do not up front for the pumps). Submit claim with insurance company, get reimbursed! Many times insurance companies will also make you wait until you've either given birth or a few weeks before. Mine is making me wait. HTH!
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