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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

teach me to stay calm and positive! I am a stressed out hypochondriac pessimist!!

Yeah that is usually me too but honestly I could not be. I was 7 months pregnant and we moved over 24 hrs away. Dhs company put us in a hotel for a month then we were in a rental for a month. My parents showed up exactly 24hrs before my water broke. I only had flats really bc my diapers were not moved yet lol!!!

I just had to make it work. The old me would have been a disaster but I had this really peacful calm feeling over me that it will all work out and it did. The day after I got out of the hospital we bought our house VERY STRESSFUL TIME!

I did yoga and when I could not do yoga I made sure I stretched and just breathed--like yoga or meditation breathes and as silly as it sound that got me thorough my labor a delivery! Oh and I never let a negative pop into my head. It was wierd but those feelings were NOT ALLOWED!
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