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Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Oh Sarah it looks great! I'd love to see a picture, I can do a rubbermaid, will that be ok for 12 chicks?
And Fodie George is gorgeous!!!!!
Thanks! We spent the day on trim and the doors for the nest box access.

12 should be fine in 1 for a while, but they grow fast! You will want another for when they start to get bigger and crowded. Will you be doing a grow-out pen, straight to the coop, or inside in the bins till ready? You may want a 3rd bin. You can use boxes. The little one in the pic I use for 3 or so days till they are ready for the big bin. A box with plastic taped in the bottom, cover with paper, then thick layer of shavings will do. I stir the shavings every other day to keep them fresher. So many feathered feet, lol. POO! I also only use cedar now and have to change often with batches that size. See the little box has 2 night lights, 4 watts, mounted in opposite directions in an extension coard hanging. It's perfect at one end of the box. Then they can just move close if needed. I use duck tape and straws to mount. I am so affraid of it falling. I prob over do it.

Well this weekend DH and I spent some time walking the farm place. There is so much stuff in our woods that needs to be cleared, we're going to offer our kids bus driver to come clear out fallen trees, he has a wood burning heater and has mentioned he'd do it to get the wood. We have SOOOO much and I'd like to get it cleared out for the kids more, DH used to have a tree house back there and it's all fallen apart but the tree is still there and perfect. There's also an old school house, shame a tree fell on it or it'd be a great play house for the kids.
BUT ANYHOW, he told me I can use one of the old piglet weaning barns for the chickens! It's the red one on the left

Its the top right barn in this overhead pic

I think the location is good, it's protected by woods for the winter, and plenty of grassy area for a run/free ranging. Right now it's full of crates so I'll need to get those out but if I take some closer pics inside can you ladies give me an idea if it will work and what I need to do to it?

It looks PERFECT!!!!!
Does it have water or electric access? That would be a HUGE perk! i'd love to see the inside!!!!
Oh man, what I could do with thta much, haha!

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
Impatiently waiting for the rest to pip and hatch, have 3 cuties peeping in there. How long should I wait for the others? I assume Wednesday morning-ish?
I take the babs out when they are strong enough persionally. It hasn't caused me an issue. But I don't know what to really recomend here. I wouldn't leave chicks in there that long. I don't really know what to tell you. It's prob gonna be a persional choice thing. What you are cofy with. As for the eggs:
I'd wait till the end of day 22 or morn of 23. You can usually just check with the light and see if they have broken the membrain. Hold a washcloth over the egg when you do the eggtopsy. You don't want an eggsplosion in the face.

Great job Fodie!!!!

Here are the bins I use. I no longer have the long feeders or the perch. I have a light at one end and the jar style feeder and waterer at the other end. I put both on butter dishes upside down with the lid on the top. it keeps shavings out.

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