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Re: He wants to be in our bed. period.

My son would not sleep in his crib but by a year was cuddling until ready to sleep, then moving to his own space in our bed to actually sleep. Seemed ready to be in his own bed but HATED his crib. We got him a bunk bed from Ikea (he picked it) where the bottom "bunk" is a mattress on the floor. We didn't put the rungs in the ladder, so he couldn't climb it. We baby proofed his room and started putting him to bed there. That way, we could lay with him to soothe him and still leave him once he was asleep

We also did lots of talking about it. Like Mommy is going to cuddle with you but then I'm going downstairs, so if you wake up and need me, call me and I'll come. But you don't need me to sleep in your bed! You can sleep here by yourself and have all the space.

We started with laying with him until he slept, then moved to cuddling while sitting until he was almost out and then laying him down. Took about a month to get him to go to bed awake and self-soothe.

Worth a shot, maybe? It seems early to most people for a bed but as long as he can't hurt himself in his room (furniture secured to walls, limited and safe toys, etc), it may work for you like it did for us.
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