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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
DD showed small signs of distress for most of my 20+ hours of labor, but they just monitored it. This video made it seem like they are not willing to accept any signs of distress and will very quickly move you to the OR.

my doula apologized - she said that's not how she reacted to the video at all. She's very supportive and has a high rate of doula-ing vbacs. but, you know everyone watches things and comes out with their own impression. That's just how I reacted.

I'm really just waiting to see if DH says anything. I don't really know what he's thinking. Neither of us had really factored in the whole 'mom and baby could die' portion of this. Which, yes, is a risk in a csection as well.
I don't think they would totally rush at the first sign of something amiss - unless things were pointing to a rupture, but there are quite specific signs of rupture.
They will want to have you on constant monitoring, and you will have to have an IV - likely you could fight those if you wanted to. Honestly, I'm not sure what I'll do this time, but with Levi I wasn't worried about it and just accepted it - at 11 days late, with all the worries and doubts in my mind, I was just happy that labor was going!

I'm glad she apologized, and if she didn't see that side of it, didn't intend for you to come away with that, then I can see why she recommended you watch it.

Honestly... a "normal", run-of-the-mill labor and delivery can be looked at as "mom and baby could die". A VBAC isn't that big a deal. Drs make it out to be, but it truly isn't.
Yes, you could labor and end up with another c-sec, but wouldn't you rather give yourself the chance? Yes, things could go terribly wrong and something could happen to mom or baby, but that can happen with any pregnancy, labor, or delivery.
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