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Re: Who uses Ambleside online or Charlotte Mason?

Originally Posted by jc12551 View Post
I use AmblesideOnline level 5 for my sixth grader. He is an excellent reader, but the material at level 6 was blowing his mind mainly due to deficiencies in his non-homeschool education over the last 2.5 years.

It is not overly religious. We are very religious (Seventh-day Adventist) and I looked for a curriculum that I could mold to our unique beliefs. You would leave off the daily Bible work and there would be a few texts that you wouldn't buy (Christian Liberty Nature books, Child's Geography of the Holy land, and the missionary bios come to mind). For science you would just use a normal secular text book. Some of the living texts will mention God and religion's role in the history of the world. But that is part of history and can be taken as just that I suppose.

Any curriculum is what you make it. DS1 is getting all the basics plus a lot more. I think he is being better educated than the high school students I teach. I am guilty of skipping some of the extras sometimes because I am too tired when I come home to work on them (art, music, Shakespeare, mythology, King Arthur, etc.).

DS1 is very independent. He gets up early to do his farm chores and then does most of his work before lunch. It is A LOT OF READING! So if your child hates reading this will be hard. I spend a good deal of time working on his lesson plans. More so than if I had bought a packaged curriculum.

It is not really possible to link grade levels together with AO except for a few areas. The forums have more info. DS1 and I have a lot of non school time together.

DS1 doesn't know his times tables (one reason I pulled him back out of school!!) so we are doing Timez Attack until he catches up. He used Saxon the past two years and hated it. There are excellent free math (secular science and history) books at CK-12 foundation.

Typical Monday for us:
Acts of the Apostles/Bible reading
Timez Attack
This Country of Ours (US history)
Cursive practice
King Arthur
Mad Libs
Intermediate Language Lessons
Spelling Power
Listen to the Composer
Recite/Read/Research the Poet or Poem
Practice our Hymn
Read Plutarch
Free Reading
Narration (usually after any independent reading)
Book of Centuries (as we work through a text)
Mapping (as we work through a text)

I can PM you an entire week's schedule if you are interested.
I would be super grateful if you don't mind. I'm interested in if you do all subjects everyday or if there are some you do just a few times a week. I think what I'm struggling with is juggling the fact that while my oldest can be independent in some things I'm afraid in a curric like this he is going to need a good bit more support and my youngest is only at 2nd so he will still need me full time. Just trying to figure out if there is a way to modify this to meet their needs and still actually have it be a sound program. Keeping in mind that my oldest has quite a few special needs and I need to work around his therapeutic needs as well.
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