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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Originally Posted by Tresor27 View Post
Doesn't seem too bad, thanks. I did come across the video after i posted to you. However i also came across something that has me worried now about making formula...the WAPF formula has 5000ius of Vit A...and i believe the upper safe limit for toddlers is supposed to be 2000 iu - is there a way to modify the formula? ie, less cod liver or something? Aren't you concerned about Vit A and liver damage?

(I'm sorry to keep bugging you, i feel like i should be paying you as a consultant, lol!)
Here are the FDA's nutritional requirements for infant formula. see section 412(i)

The max dose for vitamin A is 750 IU per 100 calories. The WAPF formula for cow's milk contains approximately 856 calories, so the vitamin A level should be within 2140 IUs and 6420 IUs daily intake. However, I didn't notice any specifications for particular types of vitamin A. Preformed vitamin A, such as the type found in dairy products (which is the main source of vitamin A in this formula to my understanding,) can accumulate in fatty tissues such as the liver and be associated with toxicity at high doses. The max daily dose of preformed vitamin A for infants birth to 12 months, according to the National Institutes of Health is 2,000 IUs. Safe upper limits for preformed sources of vitamin A, such as beta carotene have not been established. Here is the link to that recommendation:

My can of Parent's Choice Organic lists the same limits (and it also doesn't list whey in the ingredients, how did I not notice the change?!)

here is a photo of the FDA requirements on my can:

^ notice that it says that the FDA requirements for vitamin A are between 250 and 750 IUs per 100 calories and that PC Organic contains 300 IUs per 100 calories (5 oz of formula.)

^Here is the ingredient list on the can of PC Organic (no more whey!) I noticed that the ingredient list lists two types of vitamin A: Vitamin A Palmitate (preformed) and beta-carotene (a precursor, not preformed vitamin A.) I am not sure at what ratio these are used, but vitamin A precursors do not cause Vitamin A toxicity to our knowledge, while preformed vitamin A can lead to toxicity. The majority of the vitamin A in PC organic does come from these added nutrients and not the nonfat milk. Skimmed and nonfat milks contain very little vitamin A because the Vitamin A is fat soluble. So, even if the vitamin A was all preformed vitamin A, which it isn't, PC Organic would still meet the NIH criteria of 2,000 IUs max for the average baby. I think the average baby drinks about 30 oz of formula per day.

almost all of the vitamin A in the homemade formula comes from preformed sources. the sunflower oil does contain vitamin a as beta carotene, and so does the olive oil, coconut oil and acerola powder. However, these ingredients are used in much smaller amounts than the dairy and animal products which contain the preformed Vitamin A. Even if half of the vitamin A in the homemade formula comes from preformed vitamin A, that's 500 IUs too many... and my gut tells me that the preformed vitamin A content in the homemade formula is far more than 50%... Since I do not know exactly how much of the 5,000 IU in the homemade formula comes from preformed sources of Vitamin A, I am going to have to retract my previous recommendation of homemade formula.

I am so sorry.
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