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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Here is what I have read about pumps lately -- and if you look to the right of the pagem you can see more updates about the pump issue:

And I have no reason to share this except for what I have seen and experienced, so it is an unsolicited endorsement, but I would highly recommend Hygeia pumps. I know the Medela Pump in Style is the best-selling pump, but it is a single-user pump, like nose-hair trimmers, and is not meant to be shared or resold, which is ultimately what we do with something that often doesn't get a lot of use or is still in good shape, and was so pricey. Hygeia makes their pumps with a closed-motor design so there is no way any milk can cross into an area that would compromise the next person's milk. Also, I have cleaned many PIS's and I can tell you more than one I popped the faceplate off to find cockroaches and other nasties in there. Hygeia has also put a meter to count exactly how many hours the pump has been used, like an odometer. There is a place to record your baby's noises to help you let-down. I am in love with this pump, and I can't wait to see if my insurance would send me one . And Medela, who used to be WHO-Code compliant, is no longer following those guidelines, so many moms who worry about that kind of stuff are trying to avoid Medela products now. And remember if you are reusing a pump no matter who it belonged to (I'm not going to judge, 13.5 years ago I borrowed my sil's PIS when my baby ended up in the NICU) to see if you can find a lactation consultant to measure the pump pressure and see if it is still adequate -- often we think the pump isn't working for us when in reality the pressure has diminished with age and use. If you find one that isn't too stuffy and huffy about used pumps, she might even clean it for you, and pop off that face-plate .

Emilythestrange, fear is a normal part of being pregnant and thinking about birth in general, no matter what you are facing. Worry is the work of pregnancy, or so they say. I find, after three incredible, vaginal births, two totally normal and unhampered by anything medically unnecessary, I am still getting those fears that pop abruptly into my head. They justshow up with a force and a power I am not prepared for. I have to remind myself, right now, I could waste a lot of time thinking about it and worrying. But we have a plan in place if transport is needed, I am 3 minutes from the hospital, I will be taken care of, so I push those fears from my mind, I can't even entertain them past the plan b. Now is the time when we worry because we have nothing else to do. I know knoce labor unflods and I can move through it, make choices, help myself feel better, rely on my support people, that it will be different because I will be physically involved in it.

How many times in life do we look back and say, "I should have worried more about that, I didn't spend enough time worrying about that." I personally can't think of anything big where that applies for me. How often, though, do we say, "I spent a lot of time worring about that when I didn't need to"? For me, a lot .

Worrying is good in the sense that it helps us prepare. If we didn't worry, we might not ever get ready, educate ourselves, buy things we need for the baby, etc. But with the normal hormones of pregnancy worry can go overboard. If we can change the focus and recreate a habit we can move past that worrying part and do something more productive and positive.

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