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Re: Tearing & DTD?

Originally Posted by Carriebeth View Post
It's been a while since there was any activity on this, but I wanted to chime in just in case it helped someone. I had a third degree tear (doctor almost called it a fourth.) DS was also in the NICU so I was way more active after labor than the normal post pardum mom (walking to and from nicu), so I don't think that helped at all.
This was me with my first, too, except it was the Dark Ages of hospital care, and I was discharged on day 2 while baby had to stay for two weeks, so I had to go back and forth to the hospital every two hours to feed him...I hurt so bad!

He was born Sept 16 and we didn't try intercourse again until Thanksgiving, and even then I was pretty certain it felt too early. At my 6 week appointment I had more skin burned off with silver nitrate. Miserable! For about 6 months it wasn't the most comfortable, but come January I was with my sister while she gave birth ad her midwife eased the baby's head out with Astroglide; after thatm, I switched lube and things were a lot better.

I was afraid I would end up with a giant tear with my next baby. Although you could see the scar stretching from my vagina and it disappeared into my rectum -- I have it on video, lol. Because of that I told my midwife if it looked like I was going to tear, I wanted an episiotomy, but that was fear talking. I didn't know that an episiotomy could lend itself to the problem. I also worked hard to be in an upright pushing position, and not "purple pushing" but following my body's urges. I never experienced it that badly again, thankfully .
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