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Re: My review of the new Flip daytime inserts/flats *added pics!*

Originally Posted by greencrunchymama View Post
You make me want to try them! I am so happy you like them!!

Your DS he is so cute. And I love your floors!!

Thanks, he is a silly guy, getting him to quit moving to take his pic was a challenge. The floors are old growth maple and our crazy contractor tried to convince us to rip them out because they aren't perfect like new flooring. Insanity lol!

Originally Posted by ReadingRenee View Post
Awesome review and comparison pics. They are so trim and absorbent its kind of crazy. Glad you have found something that works for you guys!
Aren't they?!!? I was so skeptical that they wouldn't leak on a toddler with how trim they are, but they are great. I put him in one for an outing and it lasted 3 hours with no problem. This after he had guzzled down a sippy cup of smoothie right before we left (oops, guess I wanted to really put these to the test). They were just the simple solution we needed
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