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Re: Charity Faith is here

Originally Posted by My_Tree_Grows View Post
Constant breastfeeding is the best way to get her sugars up AND eliminate the jaundice, WTH are they doing at that hospital?! Can you check out AMA? I would be so out of there!
I left out the worse part of the sugar thing. They "forced" me to let them give her a bottle. She was in the nursery for her checkup, behind locked doors. They called me and said they had to give her a bottle, I said no I'll come feed her, she said I couldn't, and that I either had to let them give her a bottle or they would put her on a feeding tube! I was Ticked!!! The nurse said she was calling for my "permission", but she was just really informing me of what they were doing and that I had no real choice in the matter.

Our choices of local hospitals is one of the reasons I'm chooseing not to have any more kids.
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