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Re: Poor sick baby...C. Diff, please help!

I did not read all of the responses but my son has a digestive disease that required surgery as a newborn. He was 11 months the first time he had c-diff and it recurred nearly every 6 months until he was 4 when we finally solved it. We had tried less intense methods of treatment but each test showed bad bacteria at pathogen levels and minimal good bacteria. Feel free to PM me...I can give you a lot of info on what tests we used. Eventually he went on a very strict yeast elimination diet that was sugar, dairy, and grain free for 3 months without cheating. During that time he was on Diflucan for 2 months followed by GSE for another month. He took 100 billion cfu's of probiotics on top of prebiotics, juice plus, neuro-methylation cream, Intra Kid liquid multi vitamin, juice plus, and digestive enzymes. I say all of this to stress how important it is to get the right care now and really try to avoid antibiotics in the future. My son has not been on antibiotics since he was 6 months old but continued to get c-diff because we never really resolved it even though the symptoms would go away for a while. We didn't have the right doctors until he was 15 months old and then our doctor admitted to not fully understanding that the best way to treat it was for 3 intense months. Previously we had done 2 week treatments. We still follow a strict sugar, milk, and gluten free diet but we do allow some whole grains, yogurt, and cheese now.

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