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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

Originally Posted by xtin View Post
maybe your sparkly personality had something to do with it

I am sharing MY experience and saying IT CAN BE DONE WITHOUT FORMULA. If you want to take that as a personal attack on you, or anyone else who didn't find donor milk for their baby, then so be it. i really just wish more people knew that milksharing was an option. When I had my first daughter, I had NO CLUE it was an option and through education and research, i found and now use many FB/email lists to find milk for us as well as connect other moms with donors who want to help.

Go ahead and call me whatever you want, doesn't change the facts or the success that women can have with a little help from another mama
Nobody said it couldn't happen. But in some areas, it's next to impossible...

and speaking of sparkling personalities, you might want to take a good hard look in the mirror.

oh and here's a big FU to you.
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