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Re: Time to be ruthless! added photos

Ok, here are some thoughts. First off, do you need two dining sets? Think about if you really use and need two dining tables and the accompanying chairs. Also in the kitchen you have open shelves next to the sink. It might look/feel less cluttered if you didn't use those shelves.

Another thing to consider is of you need the drying rack. I know I always thought I did, bit I tossed it and am much happier. (They are SUCH counter space hogs!) I try to deal with dishes right away; either into the dishwasher, or by hand. I have two absorbent dishpads I dry things on, and they are in a drawer if not in use.

For the books, I have a few thoughts. One is that because they are stacked in a more haphazard fashion, they feel unruly. To create calm, you could (a) purge so you have few enough books to all play nicely on the shelves, (b) store some books on the top, unused, shelf to create more space, (c) add curtains to the front, or (d) get one bigger bookshelf instead of two small ones.

Good luck! I'm trying to be ruthless, too
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