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Re: If you're pro-vax or delay/selectively vax

I've heard wonderful things, from both pro and anti vax'ers about the Dr Sears book, so I'll 3rd (or 4th or 5th, whatever!) that.

Personally, we didn't do any research. We vax'ed DD, except for the varicella at 12 months. We were hoping she would contract it naturally, but that doesn't look to be likely so we will get her that vaccine in the next couple years - at which point the risks of the virus really start to get... well, riskier.
So, we vax'ed DS1 as well... and he reacted to his first set of needles. We stopped completely with him and held off anything more until after he was 2 years old. He reacted again to the same set of needles (ironically he reacted not at all to the MMR... that, ya know, every baby reacts to!). We've stopped with his needles.
And the other boys just got what they got - it's different for each of them, for different reasons.

At this point, because of what I found out with DS1 when researching reactions and delaying, I'm debating delaying any vax'es with Hiccup until after 2 years of age - at that point, less doses are required of some vaccines.
I kinda thought about that with DS3, but didn't follow through... not really sure why. He's only vaxed to 12 months anyways though because of other, non-related issues.
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