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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 10th - 16th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
No advice on the vbac peace. Glad you are feeling a little better about it.

I had looked into this with DS but my hospital didn't make it easy and I gave up. Do they even allow you to bank with a CS?

Afm: if you didn't see my thread, I had some bleeding from my placenta previa today. So I am on bed rest at home. The new goal is 37 weeks for delivery. My cervix looks good so it might be possible. I am a little stressed trying to find daycare for DS since my parents all work full time. I really wish I would have thought of finding a place before I was put on bed rest!

So you all might see me on here a bit more!
Yes my 2nd was a cs and we banked his cord--no problems at all. You talk to the Dr about it and they do it. As for the hospital never really discussed it with them before hand but they were very helpful with getting everything ready for it to be picked up.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
thanks for all the support!

My doula was a bit concerned, so she rewatched it herself and addressed some of my concerns. She said that the hospitals here are really good with vbacs and that one of the last vbacs she doula'd, that the woman went into the hospital as a 7 and it took 7 more hours for her to get to an 8 and that the hospital staff were totally fine waiting.

so, I am feeling better that atleast I'm in a very supportive place
So glad to here you are feeling better about it. I went into labor at 3:30 am and did not have DD until 8:45pm and never once was I bothered by anyone. They just let me labor however I wanted to. It is great that you feel like you have the support.
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