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Re: How Do You Deal With Other People

I'm not nearly as far along as you are, but I can relate. My YDD is 3 mos, and my first to be breastfed (I tried with my first, but had lots of problems). Obviously, I'm not to the point where people expect me to stop doing it right now, mom has asked how long I plan to, just in general converstion, and when I tell her that I don't plan to just stop at a year just because we've hit a year (I mean, assuming we make it that long), she gets kind of surprised...she's not critical of me at all, I know she'd support me in anything, and it is more of a situation where she isn't familiar with going that route, but she always mentions how she couldn't imagine my 2yo having breastfed for that long. Honestly, I can't imagine that right now either, but only b/c this is my first time, and I'm only 3 mos into it, KWIM? Another instance is us only EBF'ing so far, no bottles or anything. My mom wanted me to go to a show with her this month, but I couldn't have brought the baby, and I'm not really ready to stick her on a bottle, nor do I have a pump or any milk for her. We couldn't go to the show in the end anyway b/c of the weather, so it became a non-issue, but before, my mom was like, "Well, I just thought she'd be able to go on bottles by now". Again, I'm not at all hurt or put out by my mom b/c she's honestly my biggest fan, but I think for me, it kind of makes me second guess myself because I am still new to this, and I don't know if I'm being too extreme or something...and I know the longer I go, the more I'll be getting that kind of stuff from others. ..sorry this was so long, but just wanted to say that I can understand!
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