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Re: Nursery Pics

Originally Posted by babyWmom View Post
Loving the purple.
Originally Posted by birdinhand View Post
So cute! Thanks for sharing your pics.

We don't really do a nursery. I did with my first son, but he didn't sleep in his crib, and after that, we got rid of the crib for the other babies. We have two white dressers for nightstands, and the one on my side holds baby clothes. This time around I had nothing, as this was a surprised and our youngest is 7. So I have gotten most things from the thift store, if from a real store at a deep discount on clearance. I do still need to make a quilt, as that is a tradition I do for my babies. I want some pricier items, like a convertible carseat, Ergo carrier, Chicco stroller, and of course some cloth diapers. I did just score a free Moby Wrap, which is good karma, as I had three last time and I gave them all away to mamas who needed themonce we outgrew them.

But it would be so fun to decorate a nursery .
Thank you!

The baby won't use her room much for the first few months, but I wanted the nursery very badly anyways. We cosleep, but I wanted the option to put her in her crib for naps and have my own body for a couple of hours. I also just plain wanted a nursery. I was too poor to decorate a nursery for my first daughter, and I want to make a nursery that I'm really happy with now that I can afford it.
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