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Re: Poor sick baby...C. Diff, please help!

I'd seek out chiropractic treatment for her ear infections. Chronic ear infections can be traced back to food allergies/sensitivities. We've successfully healed ear infections and bronchitis without the use of antibiotics. It helps that our pedi is on board with natural treatments and I realize that most aren't. We typically use colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract (GSE), garlic, and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I'd cut out soy, corn, gluten, white rice, russet potatoes, dairy, and sugar until you are positive that she's in the clear. Maybe up her vitamin D and do some immune boosters? We were so far from holistic when we started this journey but trust your instincts, doctors are well meaning but no single doctor has all the answers. Maybe you can try eliminating some foods before resorting to tubes? Consider environmental allergies like mold as well. Both of my kids are highly allergic to mold. Certain foods that I wouldn't have suspected were high in mold. I don't mean to overwhelm you with info, just start slow and do your own research. I knew we had found the right doctor when what she was saying lined up with my own research and gut feelings of what was wrong with our DS.
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