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Re: EPing, sick, low supply lower....wwyd

Definitely do the high protein foods. I'm pregnant and EPing right now and am eating up to 6 eggs a day(I like mine fried omelet style in coconut oil(unrefined for a light coconut flavor) with ketchup, since it covers up most of the "eggy" taste), plus fatty meats cooked rare and plenty of dark, leafy greens(Spinach, swiss chard, kale, a little romaine lettuce) and carrots. Also cheese if your LO can tolerate you eating dairy. Bone stock is another thing that is wonderful for milk supply and over all nutrition. I boil a bunch of soup bones(I prefer beef, but chicken and especially lamb work well too) for 8 hours with a little salt(only a little, more can be added later), then strain out solids, place the pot in a sink full of cold water to cool quickly so bacteria doesn't have as much time to grow, and then divide it into 8oz servings to freeze. Whenever I need to drink some, I just place the bag of stock into a sink of hot water to defrost, and then heat it up further on the stove(Don't use the microwave, as it will destroy a lot of the nutrients in this), where I can add extra veggies, meat or salt as desired. Or sometimes I will just add a little milk and salt to it in a glass and chug it. Not the tastiest thing ever, but it works.

Oatmeal works well too.
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