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Re: How Do You Deal With Other People

In the whole scope of the human lifespan, 18 months old is still a baby. It's too bad our society has such a focus on independence and growing up and being okay alone. You still have a baby on your hands.

It can take a lot of guts to go against the grain. You are doing what is right for your situation and your family and that doesn't have to be the right answer for anyone else.

One thing I learned pretty early on was, I wanted to "educate" people, and they hd no interest in that, often they felt I was trying to rationalize my decision. So I stopped that and decided it wasn't my job or problem to help them see the light, lol.

We moved away from family when my son was a baby, so when we would return, the in-laws would say something about when he wa going to wean. I would get a dumb-face on and say, "Oh, you think he is too old to nurse? Everyone I know in Chico nurses their babies this long. I guess I never thought about it. Hmmm...." Then looked lost in thought. Basically, I tried to put it back onto them that they thought it was different, and tht was odd to me, lol.

Sometimes when people asked when we would wean, I would say, "I didn't tell him when to be born, when to walk or talk, I guess I look at breastfeeding as another milestone he will approach when ready, I don't feel like I need to make the one-sided decision to end that relationship." That was usually if I felt ballsy. ANd hey, you know how tey say, "Grow a pair?" Well I have grown 4 pair, so there.
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