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Anyone live in tiny spaces? I want to see pics!

I am getting ready to move a 4 bedroom house worth of stuff into a tiny one bedroom basement apartment soon. I know I'll need to pick and choose what stays and what is really necessary (I am truly a minimalist, everything has to have it's own place and if it doesn't, it has to go! I can't stand clutter) All of this stuff has been in storage for a few years as I've lived in one room rented in a house, so we are used to small spaces. This is actually going to be quite an upgrade for us and I'm happy to have my things back even if I need to get rid of some. We will be living very frugally like this for a few years to come as I finish school (I'm a single mom).

I'm just wondering if anyone has pics of their super small spaces and how you make it work nicely.
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