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Re: Time to be ruthless! added photos

Tara, I love that you are documenting your process!I can't wait to see updates as you go along. All in all, I think your house doesn't look overcome with stuff, but I understand (all to well the desire to minimize! Just some ideas from looking at your photos.

In general, I have discovered that clean surfaces and bare (or minimally decorated) walls help create the illusion of simplicity and calm my spirit. So even if you don't have time to get to every nook and cranny, tote and shelf, it can give you a place to start and motivate you to keep going as time allows. I ended up taking most of our family photos off the wall and most pictures/decor too. I realized I had become blind to them and wasn't enjoying them anymore - they were just another thing to dust. You might consider that. Although you don't have a lot of things on the walls, having a number of small things spread out all over can be visually distracting. Maybe you could make a grouping of all the items or you favorites on one wall. Keeping things like ledges, table tops, window sills, and the tops of cupboards clear goes a long way. How important to you are the plants, little framed items, candlesticks etc?

Living Room:
Your curtains all seem to be tucked up. Is this to keep little ones out of them? Could you just take them down? It looks like you have a beautiful wooded lot outside, why not enjoy the view : ) I like the toy storage with the open bins on the bottom! Can you pare down toys so that they will all fit there? I don't see many in other places, but (just a thought here) what if you were able to purge toys and books to the point that you no longer needed the small shelf in the living room? I agree with the pp that organizing the items on the big bookshelves will help. I'd take down the license plate.

Dining Room:
This room is already pretty simplistic. I love the hardwood floor. I'd remove the picture from the wall and the items from the top of the cupboard. I'd keep the globe, if this is your homeschool area. As time allows you can get to the hidden problem areas : )

I agree with pp about the dish drainer. Can it go? Do you need both tables? Imagine your kitchen with that open space... what could you make there? a small sewing nook just for mama maybe? Then could you create a library space in the dining room with all the shelves in a central location? I agree that the open shelves by the sink are a little visually distracting. I LOVE that big bay window, my mom had one when I was growing up. I remember that the window ledge was often a parking ground for stuff though... I guess I had this compulsion to minimize as a child too : )

Anyway those are just some thoughts. Can't wait to see what you decide to do! You can do it!
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