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Re: What was the thriftiest decision or change your family made?

The thriftiest decision/change our family made was quite simply to actually start using a budget! We had been together for about 13 years before we clued in that coasting without a plan was not working. We never made much money, but what little we had was slipping through our fingers inexplicably, until we made a budget and plugged the holes. Once we had a budget, then we could see to do things like cancel cable, shop around for services, switch banks to one that wasn't so fee happy etc. But without that plan, we were clueless.

A big one for us was forcing ourselves to walk away from "good ideas". We have impulse bought our way into the poorhouse in the past, sitting 6 days from payday with $3.14 in the bank hoping nothing goes wrong. Now if it's over about $30, we walk away and think about it for a few days. If it still seems like a good idea the next time we're running errands we'll pick it up. Many times the shininess wears off and we admit to ourselves that we don't need whatever it was. I actually had to unsubscribe from Baby steals because the nature of that site was not giving me the time to really think about what I was buying and if I actually needed it or not. So much buyers remorse!
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