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Re: Cheap combination alternative to Radian

Here's the response I got from Harmony about the crotch buckle length:
The crotch buckle and harness system was designed entirely from a safety point of view: In a crash, a child moves downwards and outwards whereby the buckle/clips move upwards and inwards. The most proper place to have the buckle/clips positions is directly on the pelvic bone as that is the strongest point on any child to absorb the ‘load’/energy in a crash. If the buckle rides too high (and gets pressed inwards as a child moves outwards) – we risk damaging some soft tissue in or around the belly.

So, the Defender was designed to keep that buckle perfectly placed for the safety of your child.

However, we are actively exploring whether we can increase the crotch strap length. Right now we are preparing to undergo some testing and I won’t know if it is possible for at least another month. If we are able to increase it, we will certainly send you one immediately!!

Finally, please be aware that while it might appear tight/inconvenient – it is actually designed to keep the buckle exactly where it needs to be to prevent injury in a crash. The units was tested with children above 65lbs and all fit well with no complaints (meaning, while the clips were touching their thighs…they weren’t digging in causing any discomfort). And please remember, the fit actually comes from the ‘webbing’ and not from the buckle/clips. Even if the clips remain low (where they are supposed to be), the webbing has enough slack to accommodate a growing child.
BTW, my 4 year old fits very well with plenty of space to grow at 45" and 45 lb.

The height of the highest harness is only 1" lower than that on the Frontier, a significant enough difference for some but may not make too much of a difference for others. If money and space was no consideration, I'd go with a Frontier because it does seem like it is more comfortable/luxurious, but this is certainly a great buy for folks like us with low budgets and no space!
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