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Convertable seat w/biggest torso height under $170

I am starting too look for a convertable seat for DD. Probably sometime this summer we will move her from the bucket to a convertable seat. My kids have long torsos and seem to outgrow seats height wise. I also need to buy 2 seats as she is in both our vehicles. I really can't spend $200+ on each seat. I am determined to RF to at least 2 this time. I also can't afford to spend a bunch on seats and then have to buy new seats in a couple years.

The seat can't be any wider than a baby trend bucket seat to fit in DH's truck.

They don't have to be the same seat so if there is a cheaper narrow seat that can longer for DH's truck (he does daycare drop off). My van it doesnt' matter and we take it for any travel.
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