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Re: "Staple" toys for my kiddo!

You've gotten some great suggestions! If I could add something, it would be pay attention to what your DD likes to play with rather than what you think are good toys for her. In the past year I have come to realize that some toys which I think are perfect, open ended, natural items aren't really what my kids want to play with. I just added our unit blocks to the donation pile. They are nice, heirloom quality and in theory perfect for a minimal toy collection. In actuality no one played with them and the baby just threw them all over. So we keep the legos and trio blocks which actually see some love. I've said goodbye to some great montessori and waldorf type items this year. It made me a little sad, but my kids don't notice. All that to say, just pay attention to your daughter and her interests. I think you've got a great list there! Best of Luck.
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