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Originally Posted by Mags462 View Post
I have heard - although i only have boys so no personal experience - that boys potty train later. I was told by my ped and MANY friends that 3yr is more "typical" for boys to start showing interest and really getting it....

In my house i probably wouldn't even bother with it - DS1 didn't really potty train successfully until past 3. DS2 was younger about 2yr 9mo.... DS3 was the youngest to initially get it 2yr 3mo BUT he regressed and i put him back in diapers and he finally decided to fully use the toilet again around 2yr 10mo. So IDK..... ftr NONE of my sons have ever minded being wet. Ever. Dirty (eg poopy) they really disliked and all 3 were consistently pooping in the toilet long before they were consistently peeing in it..... but in general having soiled clothes or diapers doesn't matter.
DD regressed a little when I had ds, so I am a little concerned thats what he will do as well. My mom had 2 boys and 2 girls and she also said the boys learned a lot later. I may just work on pooping in the potty for now. He is pretty obvious when he needs to, I just need to convince him to do it on the toilet. My preggo belly is not dealing well with the poop!
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