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Re: My redemption birth

That sounds so similar to my first experience, where I was just convinced, "This is how we have babies, we get induced because our babies are 'getting too big,' we sit in the bed and don't get out, we listen to the nurses and obs and don't do anything unless they suggest it, we lie on our backs and push our babies out with our knees at our heads, and then we have our babies vaccumed out. They take the baby away to clean/weigh/measure/dress/wrap/diaper, and then we get them back swaddled and capped. That experience led me to seek out something different as well, so I will never say it was bad in the sense that I learned huge life lessons from it.

COngrats, Mama! Birth can really be the door that opens up vastly dfferent views and perspectives if we let it, and it sounds like you did. <3

ETA: I had raw and nagging feelings after my first birth. I felt really bad about the decisions I made, not trusting myself or my instincts, following blindly where the hospital led. I really felt bad that it was 15 minutes before I even got to see my guy in my arms. I didn't plan for my second birth to heal me at all, I dind't even know that was possible. But when my second (with a midwife in a hospital with no interventions or induction or anything but wet, slippery baby directly to my chest!) was about 4 months old, my 1st wanted to watch his birth video (I have them all on video). As we watched, and I was cryin because he was out, but away from me with the nurses doing their thing, I picked him up and held him close to me, mentally apologizing for letting it be that way. After that experience, it never seemed to bother me the same way, it was like a balm was applied and that raw sore was healed over.

Amazing .

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