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Re: What does your 15 month old eat?

My kids have all eaten everything we eat by that point. Levi didn't eat yogurt... still doesn't... texture or something

I just set out stuff for them at snack/meal times and let them eat what they want. If they get hungry before the next snack/meal, they can always finish what's left from the last - if they are honestly hungry, they will eat. If they're just wanting to munch on what they like, they're not truly hungry, kwim?
Our usual times are: breakfast 8am, snack 10:30am, lunch 12, snack 3:30, supper 5:30/6.

For the older kids this is different - they're expected to eat meals with us, but the same thing applies for snacks. They don't get tons of grazing time, though, they are told to make sure to eat enough at the next meal. But that's a totally different age group/range.

ETA: Never mentioned, but meant to!
I would put out a variety of foods with each meal/snack. Like I said, they can then eat what they like, but if they're really hungry before the next food-time, they can finish whatever is left from the last.
Levi loves a "cold plate" type lunch - cheese, garlic sausage, crackers, apple slices, etc. For snacks we usually do fruit and yogurt or granola bar, something like that.
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